Duncan’s Student Success Story

Services used: College applications, college test prep, homework help

The results: Offered a scholarship at his first-choice university; ranked in the top 5th percentile in the ACT and SAT

Duncan* began lessons with WorldWise Tutoring during 10th grade, when he struggled with his science class at St. Ignatius High School. We worked with him up until college, helping him with his ACT and SAT test prep, as well as college applications.

Here’s how we worked with Duncan to overcome these obstacles: 

Duncan’s tutor’s first task was helping him to improve his lab reports, more thoroughly complete his homework assignments, and better prepare for his exams. Once he had a good handle on his science homework, he wanted to expand the scope of his tutoring to include more subjects. Eventually, they moved onto test prep for the ACT and SAT.

After ranking in the top five percentile of both the ACT and SAT, Duncan began the college application process. His tutor created an easy-to-use spreadsheet and showed Duncan how to complete and monitor his college research in an organized manner.  Once his top picks were chosen, his tutor modified the spreadsheet and taught him to use it to keep track of requirements and deadlines for each university.  Duncan’s tutor also assisted with the essays, helping him to brainstorm, plan, write, and revise memorable responses to the prompts.

Over the winter, Duncan learned that he was accepted into numerous colleges.  After careful consideration, he has decided to enroll in George Washington University  after being offered a considerable scholarship.

Oh, and we also tutored Duncan’s brother.

With the help of WorldWise Tutoring, Duncan’s younger brother also had a successful application experience. After tutoring, he earned 894 points out of the 900 for the CPS Selective Enrollment process and was accepted to his first-choice high school.

Here’s what Duncan’s mom had to say about working with us: 

“We originally sought the help of WorldWise Tutoring to help my older son improve his grade in science. Over the years, his tutor became his mentor and friend. I was relieved knowing that my son’s tutor was there to help him keep his grades up, prepare for the ACT and SAT, and complete college applications – which alleviated a lot of stress for me and his father. So naturally, I sought out his tutor to help my younger son prepare for the high school placement exams this year. With the help of the tutors at WorldWise, both of my sons have been accepted to their first-choice schools. Our family can never thank WorldWise Tutoring enough for all it has done for us!” ~ Pam

Names and photos have been changed to protect the privacy of students.