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Advantages of Online Tutoring

  • Comfort: Students can feel more comfortable having their lessons where they are accustomed to doing their work, such as in their bedrooms.

  • Saves Time and Money: Students don’t need to spend the time and money to commute to a certain location to meet their tutor.

  • Schedule Flexibility: The availability of both the student and the tutor are widened when a commute is not involved, allowing for more possible tutoring timeslots.

  • More Options of Instructors: Tutor selection is not limited by geographic location, thus allowing for more precise tutor-student matching.

  • Preparation for the Real World: As many businesses shift to a remote/hybrid model, online sessions better prepare students for the growing remote workforce.

  • Standby Tutoring: Students who have a quick question or need last-minute help can easily schedule an online meeting with a tutor.

Services Provided Online


English Language Arts





Standardized Test Prep


ACT, SAT, SAT 2, IB, AP, A-levels







Creative Writing

Math Games & Art





Major, College, Scholarship, Internship, & Job Search

College/Scholarship Essays & Applications

Internship/Job Applications

Resume/CV Writing & Review

Interview Prep

Executive Functions

Personalized Study Strategies

Organizing Materials, Space, & Time

Planning & Prioritizing

Task Initiation

Time Management

Learning & Life Skills


Emotional Intelligence


Identifying Learning Style & Needs

Critical Observation & Thinking

Inquiry & Innovation

Creative Problem Solving

Initiative & Advocacy

Growth Mindset



What kind of training do your instructors have?
All WorldWise tutors are enrolled in or have completed college. Many also have Masters and PhDs. They all have years of experience teaching students of the ages and in the subjects, they specialize in. WorldWise tutors have also been taught the methodologies of Founder and CEO, Lindsey Wander. Before choosing a tutor, you will be provided with their bios detailing their education, experience, and training.

What age groups do you work with?
WorldWise Tutoring works with students of all ages and abilities. We have had students from ages 2 to 50.

What kind of improvement have you seen in past clients?
Just as each child is unique, so are their experiences. We have had students improve their reading scores by 50-75 percentile after just one session. We have also had some students who require the re-teaching of executive functioning skills every few weeks. Whatever the case, we do see the most improvement in students who also complete the personalized independent work we provide as an extension to the tutoring lesson.

Do you have experience working with different learning styles?
WorldWise Tutoring works with students of all abilities. Our instructors have experience helping students with various Learning Difficulties, including ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Executive Functioning, Visual Processing, Auditory Processing, and Autism. We also have experience helping students with anxiety and depression. Some of our instructors are trained in Special Education.

Are your instructor’s backgrounds checked?
Yes! WorldWise Tutoring’s instructors are all background checked by Accutrak, the company used by many schools for their staff.

What is your availability?
WorldWise Tutoring instructors meet at days and times convenient for the student. This will all be arranged at the initial consultation and can be adjusted as needed.

What are your prices?
WorldWise Tutoring’s prices depend on the grade level of the student and whether the sessions are 1-on-1 or small groups. Small groups of younger children are the least expensive per child. For instance, a group of seven Pre-K students costs $12/hr/student. On the other hand, 1-on-1 with older students is more expensive. For example, a private session with a college student can cost up to $110/hr. The specific price for your request will be provided during the initial consultation. 


When I was away on working trips, she revised her schedule to arrange for Skype sessions that were highly effective.

Dan Dolney

One comes away from each lesson with a definite awareness that progress has been made, resulting in bolstered self-confidence. . . . Worthy of special note is the method of online curriculum, which is remarkably effective because it provides the student with an email detailing the lesson plan ahead of time. This is ideal when so much is covered in a short space of time.

Ivan Diachenko

Our sessions were interesting and informative and I always looked forward for new ones.

Alex Budiakov

Although I only met with her twice a week, she was always open to corresponding outside my scheduled tutorial sessions via e-mail or Skype if I had particular difficulty with any in-class or homework problems and she would never hesitate to pull additional information or examples outside of my textbook to help ensure that I would grasp the material.

Cameron Pettigrew

Our lessons are available in-person in Chicago, IL, Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio TX. These can also be taught remotely to any location in the world. See our service areas for more details.