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  • Austin, TX
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Round Rock, TX
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This instructor has always loved teaching and working with students – from tutoring fourth graders in math during after school care (when she herself was a second grader) to summer jobs as a camp counselor. She spent over three years as an out of school time educator working with 4500 K-12 students teaching about ecology, biology, and environmental education. She has a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Master’s in Public Health from UT. She works within the early childhood system professionally. This instructor loves to be a part of making lightbulb moments happen for her students – getting to the point where they feel equipped and confident to tackle any problem. She will walk through subjects at the student’s pace, ensuring they feel supported and capable every step along the way. In her spare time, she loves to garden, go hiking, and play with her dog, Luna. This tutor has a Coaching Teaching Style (i.e.  gravitates towards using multimedia presentations, class activities, and demonstrations to enrich the learning experience). One of her co-teachers states “She was able to make quick connections with students and she also excelled in getting new students engaged and fostering their curiosity over the sessions.” Another states that she is “friendly, approachable, shares ample context, and very personable.”

This instructor can teach:

  • Grades K – 12

  • Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I & II

  • Biology,, Ecology, Environment Education

  • English Reading, Writing, Language, Literature, and Composition

  • Organization, Studying, and Executive Functioning skills

This instructor completed her undergraduate education at Bowling Green State University in Ohio with a Bachelor’s in Education. She earned a Master’s in Reading with an additional certification in Elementary Education from Baldwin-Wallace University in Ohio. She has served elementary and middle school students since 2009, as a classroom teacher and a dyslexia specialist. She is currently completing a specialized reading program with Rawson Saunders Institute and will earn her Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) certification. Her teaching style is warm, student-centered, energetic, and flexible. This tutor has been able to help a student who was reading single sounds to finally read multisyllabic words and sentences within 11-months; this student is now reading well above grade level and no longer requires specialized instruction. The Assistant Principal at her school states “All of her students are fully engaged, they know the routines and expectations.” One of her co-teachers states she “is easily able to adapt to whatever a student needs and their learning style.”

This instructor can teach:

  • Grades K – 8

  • Elementary Math

  • Elementary Sciences: Health, Life, Space, Earth, Physical

  • Elementary Social Studies, World Geography,

  • English Phonics, Fluency, Reading, Writing, Language, Literature, and Composition

  • Psychology and Sociology

  • All sections of the NWEA MAP, STAAR, HSPT, and ISEE

  • LDs & IDDs: Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD/ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Visual Processing Disorder, Autism (ASD), and Down Syndrome

  • Organization, Studying, and Executive Functioning skills

This instructor has lived in Austin almost continuously since 1962. He received a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Trinity University in San Antonio, tutoring all along the way, and later a second Bachelor’s in Theatre and Drama from the University of Texas. After retiring from UT as a system administrator at the School of Nursing, he began pursuing his love of teaching in 2019 as a math tutor, later branching out into English, reading, writing, and further subjects. He is compassionate, patient, and adaptable in working with your student, using a cooperative and positive teaching style that concentrates on building competency and a confident attitude toward the subject matter, letting the student’s grasp of the material set the pace so they are neither bored nor overwhelmed, but engaged. The parent of one of his former students states that, as a result of tutoring, her daughter “went from being uninterested in school — and as a result anxious because she wasn’t learning — to acing the STAAR tests and feeling confident again in her learning.” Another states “He does an excellent job meeting each of them where they are. He explains the material in an age-appropriate way, tailoring his approach to each child’s level and needs.” 

This instructor can teach:

  • Grades 4 – college

  • Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics

  • Physics

  • English Reading, Writing, Language, Literature, and Composition

  • All sections of the STAAR

  • All sections or the PACT/PSAT and ACT/SAT (Trained in WorldWise Tutoring’s methodologies)

  • LDs & IDDs: ADD/ADHD

  • Organization, Studying, and Executive Functioning skills

  • Trained in WorldWise Tutoring’s methodologies for Metacognition, Executive Functions, and Interpersonal Skills

Advantages of In-Person Tutoring

  • Not Contingent on Access to Technology: Outdated devices or poor internet connections will not hinder the efficiency of in-person sessions.

  • Lessons in Managing Distractions: Sessions held at the kitchen counter or at a cafe provide opportunities for students to learn how to work in busy environments without being distracted.

  • Varied Methodologies: In-person lessons allow for the use of various teaching/learning strategies that are not possible online, such as completing a tangible project.

  • Close Monitoring: The close proximity of the instructor allows for efficient monitoring of the students’ work, so mistakes are caught and corrected quickly.

  • Nonverbal Cues: In-person interactions allows the instructor to more easily analyze nonverbal cues that indicate that the student is confused, frustrated, or distracted.

  • Deeper Personal Connections: Instructors who are able to interact with the students and families in person tend to develop closer bonds.

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Major, College, Scholarship, Internship, & Job Search

College/Scholarship Essays & Applications

Internship/Job Applications

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Interview Prep

Executive Functions

Personalized Study Strategies

Organizing Materials, Space, & Time

Planning & Prioritizing

Task Initiation

Time Management

Learning & Life Skills


Emotional Intelligence


Identifying Learning Style & Needs

Critical Observation & Thinking

Inquiry & Innovation

Creative Problem Solving

Initiative & Advocacy

Growth Mindset

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What kind of training do your instructors have?
All WorldWise tutors are enrolled in or have completed college. Many also have Masters and PhDs. They all have years of experience teaching students of the ages and in the subjects, they specialize in. WorldWise tutors have also been taught the methodologies of Founder and CEO, Lindsey Wander. Before choosing a tutor, you will be provided with their bios detailing their education, experience, and training.

What age groups do you work with?
WorldWise Tutoring works with students of all ages and abilities. We have had students from ages 2 to 50.

What kind of improvement have you seen in past clients?
Just as each child is unique, so are their experiences. We have had students improve their reading scores by 50-75 percentile after just one session. We have also had some students who require the re-teaching of executive functioning skills every few weeks. Whatever the case, we do see the most improvement in students who also complete the personalized independent work we provide as an extension to the tutoring lesson.

Do you have experience working with different learning styles?
WorldWise Tutoring works with students of all abilities. Our instructors have experience helping students with various Learning Difficulties, including ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Executive Functioning, Visual Processing, Auditory Processing, and Autism. We also have experience helping students with anxiety and depression. Some of our instructors are trained in Special Education.

Are your instructor’s backgrounds checked?
Yes! WorldWise Tutoring’s instructors are all background checked by Accutrak, the company used by many schools for their staff.

Where do the sessions take place?
WorldWise Tutoring instructors meet at locations convenient for the student and his/her family. This will all be arranged at the initial consultation and can be adjusted as needed.

What is your availability?
WorldWise Tutoring instructors meet at days and times convenient for the student. This will all be arranged at the initial consultation and can be adjusted as needed.

What are your prices?
WorldWise Tutoring’s prices depend on the grade level of the student and whether the sessions are 1-on-1 or small groups. Small groups of younger children are the least expensive per child. For instance, a group of seven Pre-K students costs $12/hr/student. On the other hand, 1-on-1 with older students is more expensive. For example, a private session with a college student can cost up to $110/hr. The specific price for your request will be provided during the initial consultation. 


WorldWise Tutoring has helped my children get where they want to go. They are experts at preparing students for high stakes standardized tests like the ACT and SAT.”

Audrey Gillis Wessman

“[Our tutor] is very knowledgeable, reliable, patient and extremely dedicated to her students. Her teaching methods are very straightforward and highly effective.”

Silvia F Dias

“I am very happy with the personal attention and the custom approach to every student. You can feel the partnership/teamwork between the student and the tutor. I highly recommend this service.”

Francisco A. Barillas

Our lessons are available in-person in Chicago, IL, Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio TX. These can also be taught remotely to any location in the world. See our service areas for more details.