How It Works

We’ll make sure you understand how it works every step of the way!

First, start a conversation. Send us a message about the student’s needs and goals. If you’re interested in in-person tutoring, check our service areas to the right.

Then, based on the information you provide, we’ll give you a personalized plan and pricing.

We will send you the bios of 2-3 tutors to choose from.

The parent (or adult student) will read and sign a brief client services agreement.

We will get your family set up in our online system, which makes it easy to track schedules, lessons notes, balances, etc.

And finally, the fun begins! Our tutoring lessons are relevant, engaging, and motivating.

Service Areas

Traveling long distances to students’ homes takes away from valuable tutoring time. So currently, WorldWise Tutoring is only offering in-person tutoring within the following Chicago neighborhoods and regions of Texas.

Alternatively, we can tutor students from all over the world using free online tools with audio, video, and whiteboard. We have been holding 1-on-1 and small group online sessions since 2015 with high efficiency.

Drop us a line to learn more about how it works!


  • Chicagoland (60601 – 60660)

  • Chicago Suburbs (60015 – 60565)


  • Austin (78613 – 78759)

  • Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington (75001 – 78501)

  • Houston (77002 – 77511)

  • San Antonio (78201 – 78299)

Anywhere, with our online tutoring services!

Our Method

We know that every student – and how they learn – is different. As such, WorldWise Tutoring customizes the services to meet each student’s unique needs. After an initial consultation, we will offer 2-3 tutors who are a good fit, allowing your family to make the final choice. Our team and the chosen instructor will work together to craft the most effective approach and program possible to help the student reach his/her goals, keeping his/her individual needs and skills in mind every step of the way. Perhaps most importantly, our methods are adaptive: as the student learns and grows, our methodology changes along with him/her. That way, our instructors and students are always in sync. That’s how it works!

We are also committed to ensuring all of our students move forward with a thorough understanding of the subjects they’re learning. Knowing the correct answer or writing the perfect essay will, of course, help them reach their immediate goals. But we’re more interested in setting students up with lasting building blocks, upon which they’ll develop their knowledge and a solid foundation for reaching their dreams. We know that foundation is the best approach toward how it works to be successful. This includes teaching underlying learning and life skills, such as time-management, self-monitoring, focus, advocacy, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving. These are the evergreen skills to navigate our rapidly changing world. WorldWise Tutoring’s ultimate goal is to help students find their own unique voice and see themselves as agents of change in their own lives, communities, and the world. Because our focus is on helping students become better learners and leaders, we are an “extension of support” for schools. We work collaboratively with school staff and systems to bring out the best in their students.

I Do, We Do, You Do

When teaching new content, our tutors follow the “I Do, We Do, You Do” method. Here’s how it works:

I Do

I Do

Our instructors solve a related problem. As they do so, they’ll explain the concept utilizing visual, auditory, and kinesthetic approaches to build upon students’ strengths and improve their weaknesses.

We Do

We Do

Using the same previously taught methods—and with the step-by-step guidance of the tutor—the student attempts to unravel a similar question until the proper solution is derived.

You Do

You Do

The student demonstrates mastery of the concept at hand by solving problems independently, establishing proficiency and confidence through increasingly difficult questions.

This process helps students gain knowledge about specific concepts, as well as establish the skills necessary to become lifelong learners. These include identifying the problem at hand, searching for important information, and finding the answer on their own.

Our Focus

WorldWise Tutoring’s mission is to help students succeed in the classroom and beyond. Interwoven into our instruction are lessons to teach students how to be better learner, workers, leaders, and humans. The lessons in underlying learning and life skill include:


Thinking about one’s thinking involves assessing variables in personal knowledge, the task at hand, and strategies for completion. It includes the processes to plan, monitor, and assess one’s understanding and performance.

Executive Functions

The skills to manage daily life involves working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control. These include the processes to focus, follow directions, and handle emotions.

Interpersonal Skills

Personal attributes needed for success in school/job involves the non-technical skills that relate to how one works. These include the processes to interact with peers, solve problems, and manage work.

The skills range from internal self-awareness to external community action. The goal is to help student become confident and independent lifelong learners so that they can grow into competent and conscious leaders.

Our Values

All tutors at WorldWise Tutoring have been hand-picked by our founder, Lindsey Wander, for their expertise and proven track record of helping students. Your student’s success is safe in their academic hands. We also ensure that each of our tutors possesses the following:

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What Our Clients are Saying About Us

Our tutor has done a great job tutoring our daughter. She has a fantastic grasp of the subject matter and, perhaps more importantly, she creates the right learning environment. In the words of our daughter, ‘[our tutor] has a gift.’
Found WorldWise Tutoring to help our son with his organizational skills, but got so much more. Our son had an instant connection with his tutor, and he really enjoys his time with her. She is our secret weapon for the SAT and college applications…shhhh, don’t tell anyone!
I highly recommend WorldWise Tutoring. Our tutor worked with my son and he had terrific results on his college ACT exam. They are easy-going and a pleasure to work with!
Our tutor worked with both of my children through high school. He is adept in multiple subjects including math, science and ACT test prep. He relates really well to both male and female students. He’s is friendly, highly responsive and accommodating, and was always very professional. I highly recommend WorldWise Tutoring.
Ten stars would not be an over-statement. My daughter has struggled with math all through school. She finally was able to comprehend and apply math theories due to [her tutor’s] ability to make concepts clear and teach my daughter how to apply them to real world problems. He is truly a gift to the students he tutors; through patience and understanding he consistently helps them achieve success. He is a born teacher.
Working with WorldWise Tutoring was a big part of our daughter’s success during her Junior and Senior years at a very rigorous high school. [Her tutor’s] breadth of knowledge in many areas of study as well as the efficient and clear way she communicated and explained information, helped our daughter in all subjects. She was also instrumental in preparing our daughter for taking the ACT. She provided plenty of practice as well as test taking strategies and our daughter exceeded her own expectations with her ACT score!
WorldWise Tutoring has exceptional tutors. [Our tutor] is very personable, and quickly put my shy teenaged daughter at ease. He is able to strike that difficult balance between being accessible and friendly, while at the same time encouraging his student to push and challenge herself. We had some difficulty with one of my daughter’s teachers, and [our tutor] was persistent and creative in his attempts to solve the problem. He is superb at what she does, and I happily give him my highest recommendation.
We hired WorldWise Tutoring in hopes that their services would help me gain a better understanding of what I was learning and aid in reaching my full academic potential. With [my tutor’s] help, by the end of the second semester of Junior year, I had raised my grade from a D+ to a B. We continued working with her through the duration of my Senior year of high school. [My tutor[ has the ability to break down and teach difficult topics in a clear, concise, and digestible manner that is consistent with your style of learning. Her incredible patience, friendliness, and punctuality are part of what help make her such a phenomenal tutor, and made working with her all the more enjoyable.
We started with WorldWise to help our daughter prepare for the HSPT. Not only did she get into her first choice school, but she was better prepared for high school in the process. We could not have done this without [our tutor]. It’s so nice to see my daughter so relaxed and confident about school now.
[My tutor’s] dedication went above and beyond that of any tutors that I had worked with in the past and has a passion for teaching that is evident in her work. She was a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend WorldWise Tutoring without hesitation to anyone looking for tutorial services.