English as a Second Language (ESL)

Our tutors don’t believe in communication barriers. With the right tools, every student can learn to speak, read, and write English with a near-native fluency.

We will create a custom lesson plan that uses the student’s strengths and helps them to overcome any problems. Regardless of the students’ levels of need, our tutors will guide them through the learning process, listen to their concerns, and make lessons fun.

How We Can Help

Our customized lessons will help with the following:

  • Give students an introductory test to see where they’re at in their learning and determine their personal needs
  • Create a plan to develop student’s English reading, writing, and speaking skills within the time frame available
  • Email the resources that will be used in personalized lessons, including sample tests and educational materials, to students before the scheduled lesson
  • Assign and check homework assignments to track student’s understanding of the topics covered
  • Keep track of student’s progress and offer constant evaluation
  • Offer clear, open, and positive communication at all times

Students can learn these skills with in-person lessons in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Austin, TX, or from anywhere around the world using Skype and other online communication methods. See our service areas for details.


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ESL lessons

Services used: ESL lessons

The results: Fluency in spoken and written English

When we met Yuri*, a continuing studies student, he was living in Ukraine but desired to work for an American company. However, he lacked the English skills necessary to secure a position and communicate with his future coworkers. Using Skype as a tool, his tutor helped him perfect his grammar, pronunciation, and reading/writing skills. We’re happy to report that Yuri now works remotely as a programmer for a prestigious American company.

Here’s what he had to say about working with WorldWise Tutoring:

“My tutor is a first-class, wonderful teacher. I have been having weekly sessions for the past year and I have progressed and achieved far more than I thought possible in that time. She has an astounding knowledge of her subject and an extraordinary flair for teaching it.” ~ Yuri

Learn more about Yuri and his successes here.

*Names and photos have been changed to protect the privacy of students.

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