Graduate, Medical School, and Law School Test Prep


As if the stress of graduate, business, medical, or law school isn’t enough, students must also pass a grueling placement test like the GRE, GMAT, MCAT, or LSAT. A high score will give its bearer a competitive edge, sometimes even over students with a higher GPA. We can help you get an exceptional score.

Need a little extra help? We also offer ESL tutoring and group ESL classes for students of all skill levels.

How We Can Help

  • Provide and assess a diagnostic test to determine specific areas of need
  • Develop a clear plan of action for the time frame available
  • Teach customized lessons, utilizing sample tests and supplementary resources
  • Assign and evaluate individualized homework assessing comprehension of topics covered during tutoring
  • Document progress to provide constant feedback about growth and future plans

Study Strategies

Study Strategies

We teach students to identify and absorb key information, helping them become self-sufficient when it comes to learning new subjects and skills.
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Organizational Skills

Organizational Skills

We’ll work with students to help them prioritize their to-do lists and get to work without procrastination. These skills will carry them into college and adulthood.
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Learning Difficulties

Learning Difficulties

We’re experienced in helping students with a wide range of learning difficulties. We’re flexible and professional, and can handle just about anything.
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daves success story

Services used: Graduate school test prep, college applications, learning difficulties, study strategies

The results: High GMAT score and acceptance into his first-choice graduate school

Diagnosed with ADHD late in his life, Dave* missed out on the opportunities to master vital content in school. As an adult, he still struggled with basic math and writing concepts, which then impacted his confidence and drive. Dave made the decision to go back to school to obtain his Master’s Degree, but first he had to rectify all the academic skills he lacked and also pass the GMAT. With our help, he not only passed the GMAT with a high score, but he was accepted into his first-choice graduate school as well.

Here’s what he had to say about working with WorldWise Tutoring:

“Lindsey has a remarkable ability to quickly assess her students’ learning style and tailor her teaching methods accordingly. She’s very patient, reeling me in when I’m at my most distracted and working overtime with me to ensure that the content is understood. She’s also extremely flexible when scheduling our sessions, and has been consistently punctual for them. Even when I’m traveling for business, she’ll rework her schedule to fit in some Skype sessions for me. Without her, I don’t think I would have gotten into my graduate program.” ~ Dave

Learn more about Dave and his successes here.

*Names and photos have been changed to protect the privacy of students.

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