Learning and Studying Strategies

The most important lesson your student must learn – in school and in their career – is how to learn. This vital skill creates adaptive students who can think on their feet and pick up new skills quickly. Without it, students may be unable to follow along in class and pick up where the teacher left off when completing homework or learning complex new theories.

We’ll teach them to identify and absorb key information every time they open their schoolbooks, helping them become self-sufficient when it comes to learning new subjects and skills. In time, they should no longer need a tutor to guide them through their schoolwork.

Need a little extra help? We also offer homework help and lessons in organizational skills for students of all skill levels.

How We Can Help

Our fully customized services will help with the following:

  • Creating prioritized lists of assignments
  • Breaking down assignments, projects, and assessments into more manageable tasks
  • Synthesizing key concepts from a multitude of sources
  • Effectively identifying and applying the appropriate study method depending on the task
  • Utilizing inquiry and investigation techniques to locate the information needed to solve problems and become independent learners
  • Employ critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

  • Monitoring progress and maintaining connections with teachers and support staff

Our study strategy lessons are available for in-person tutoring in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Austin, TX, as well as remote tutoring anywhere in the world using Skype and other online communication methods. See our service areas for more details.


College Placement

College Placement Test Prep

Learn more than just the right answers with our customized test prep services. We’ll help you raise your scores and master the material at the same time.
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College Applications

College Applications

We’ll help you craft a strategic and compelling application that will get you noticed by the admissions board for all the right reasons.
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Learning Difficulties

Learning Difficulties

We’re experienced in helping students with a wide range of learning difficulties. We’re flexible and professional, and can handle just about anything.
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Services used: Learning Difficulties, college applications, college test prep

The results: High ACT score; acceptance to several universities

Lillian*, who has struggled with dyslexia for her entire academic life, came to us for help during high school. Our tutor guided her through the entire college application process, from ACT test prep to college essays, all while utilizing valuable tools to reduce the challenges she faced from her dyslexia. Ultimately, Lillian scored a 28 on the ACT English section, and a 32 in Reading. She’s also been accepted to the University of Denver, the University of Missouri, and Rollins College.

Here’s what Lillian’s parents had to say about WorldWise Tutoring:

“WorldWise Tutoring has been instrumental in my daughter’s academic success. Diagnosed with Dyslexia in 3rd grade, my daughter has always struggled in school, which has brought down her confidence. Her tutor, however, inspired in her a drive to overcome these challenges. My daughter exceeded her own expectations, earning high scores on the English and Reading sections of the ACT and getting accepted to her top choice universities. She looks forward to starting college in the Fall with the tools her tutor taught her and a greater confidence in her abilities.” ~ Brenda

Learn more about Lillian and her successes.

*Names and photos have been changed to protect the privacy of students.

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