College and Scholarship Applications

College and scholarship applications are frustrating, stressful, and hard to navigate. But there are better ways to prepare than cramming in a dozen last-minute volunteering opportunities.

Our tutors teach students how to play to their strengths when applying for colleges and scholarships. We’ll help them craft an organized, forward-thinking strategy that creates a compelling narrative of their experiences and what they’ve learned, instead of shining the spotlight on more cursory details. After all, college admissions and scholarship boards want a glimpse of who they’ll be letting join their ranks, not just a list of their extracurricular activities.

Need a little extra help? We also offer homework help and test prep for college placement exams for students of all skill levels.

How We Can Help

Our fully customized services will help with the following:

  • Guidance for the years leading up to the application process, so that the appropriate measures are taken in advance (with college admission as the paramount goal)
  • Investigating and organizing research about scholarships and colleges in order to identify those that best fit with the student’s needs and intentions
  • Identifying and classifying relevant experiences and skills and incorporating them into the application and resume/CV

  • Determining the focus for essays and developing a powerful and memorable story
  • Editing applications, essays, and resumes/CVs so that the best versions are submitted

These services are available for in-person tutoring in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Austin, TX, as well as remote tutoring anywhere in the world using Skype and other online communication methods. See our service areas for more details.


Graduate School Placement

Graduate School Test Prep

Take your education to the next level, reach your goals, and prepare yourself for the rigors of higher learning with our customized test prep services.
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Organizational Skills

Organizational Skills

We’ll work with students to help them prioritize their to-do lists and get to work without procrastination. These skills will carry them into college and adulthood.
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Learning Difficulties

Learning Difficulties

We’re experienced in helping students with a wide range of learning difficulties. We’re flexible and professional, and can handle just about anything.
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Services used: College applications, college test prep, homework help

The results: Offered a scholarship at his first-choice university

We met Duncan* when he was a 10th-grader struggling with science. With the help of our tutor, he not only raised his grades, but ranked in the top five percentile of both the ACT and SAT. Next, we helped him with his college application process, from research to essay writing. After careful consideration, he has decided to enroll in George Washington University after being offered a considerable scholarship.

Here’s what Duncan’s parents had to say about WorldWise Tutoring:

“We originally sought the help of WorldWise Tutoring to help my older son improve his grade in science. Over the years, his tutor became his mentor and friend. I was relieved knowing that my son’s tutor was there to help him keep his grades up, prepare for the ACT and SAT, and complete college applications – which alleviated a lot of stress for me and his father. Our family can never thank WorldWise Tutoring enough for all it has done for us!” ~ Pam

Learn more about Duncan and his successes here.

*Names and photos have been changed to protect the privacy of students.

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