With well-being and growth at the center of our priorities, WorldWise Tutoring is excited to expand upon our online services so that students can continue learning from home. The remote learning experience provided by our well-seasoned online tutors is not just acceptable, but, to most, even preferable.
  1. ONLINE ENRICHMENT COURSES. Students ages 4-19 can sign up for any of our Online Enrichment Courses in the genres of Creativity, Foreign Language, Sociology, Writing, Personal Development, STEM, Real-Life Math, Test Prep, & College Prep. These courses allow students to explore personal topics of interest in a structured way while also provided much-needed social interaction.
  2. DISCOUNTED ONLINE TUTORING. Tutoring can be 1-on-1, small group, or standby (last-minute). Lessons can cover any academic, enrichment, or test prep topic. Experienced online tutors can simply help with assignments or devise entire lessons plans and assessments. Your family’s first 30-minute session is FREE.
  3. DISCOUNTED LESSON PLANS. Receive a week’s worth of lesson plans with accompanying schedules, resources, and guidance that are personalized to your children’s level and interests. Your family’s first lesson plan is FREE.
  4. FREE VIRTUALLY PROCTORED TESTS, ANALYSIS, and CONSULTATION. Students can take the timed HSPT/ISEE, ACT/SAT, or AP tests with a live proctor. The results will be converted and shared in a spreadsheet to track progress. Families can have a phone consultation to discuss the results and suggested methods to improve.
  5. FREE RESOURCES. The “Student Handbook” on WorldWise Tutoring’s website has thousands of helpful resources organized by subject.
  6. FREE LIVE ONLINE SEMINARS. Various topics for parents, such as “How to Work from Home and Homeschool,” and students, like “Strategies for the ACT Science Section,” will be covered on scheduled days.
  7. FREE CONSULTATION. Families can have a 15-minute phone conversation to discuss any learning-related questions.

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Our lessons are available in-person in Chicago, IL, Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio TX. These can also be taught remotely to any location in the world. See our service areas for more details.