Yuri’s Student Success Story

Services used: ESL lessons

The results: Fluency in English (spoken and written)
The results: Offered a scholarship at his first-choice university; ranked in the top 5th percentile in the ACT and SAT

When we met Yuri*, an adult student, he was living in Ukraine and working in the computer technology field. Per the recommendation of another international student, he reached out to WorldWise Tutoring, and began taking English as a Second Language lessons via Skype 1-2 times per week.

Here’s how we worked with Yuri to overcome these obstacles: 

Before each remote lesson, Yuri’s tutor sent him a detailed email, outlining the links that would be used during the 1-hour Skype session, as well as the independent work that he would need to complete after the lesson to practice what was learned.  These lessons included topics that Yuri asked for guidance in, as well as content that is typically challenging for ESL students, such as indefinite and definite articles, conditional tense, gerunds vs. infinitives, and prepositional phrases.

During each Skype session, Yuri’s tutor would direct him through the clearly organized email, so that they could work through the links together. When a topic that Yuri considered difficult was reached, his tutor would teach a lesson about that concept to clarify understanding and then provide additional practice to assess comprehension.

After just one year of online lessons, combined with instant and customized feedback, Yuri’s English-speaking and -writing skills dramatically improved.  His tutor then began focusing lessons on preparing his resume and interviewing skills for jobs with American companies.  Yuri’s tutor advised him on how to improve his resume (written in English) and provided him with recommendations on how to improve his responses to the interview questions that they practiced together.

Ultimately, Yuri was hired with a prestigious American company as a programmer and is now working remotely from home as he travels the world.

Here’s what Yuri had to say about working with us:

“My tutor is a first-class, wonderful teacher. I have been having weekly sessions for the past year and I have progressed and achieved far more than I thought possible in that time. She has an astounding knowledge of her subject and an extraordinary flair for teaching it. Her lessons are always meticulously prepared and enjoyably challenging. One comes away from each lesson with a definite awareness that progress has been made, resulting in bolstered self-confidence. I have been especially impressed by her ability to tailor our course of study to my individual requirements and desires, whether we were improving my English level, preparing for the IELTS exam, preparing for job interviews in English, etc.

I have come away from each session feeling that I have progressed in learning English. My tutor has greatly expanded my understanding of English as a whole, via a highly personalized and exceptionally stimulating course. Worthy of special note is the method of online curriculum, which is remarkably effective because it provides the student with an email detailing the lesson plan ahead of time. This is ideal when so much is covered in a short space of time. As is imperative in a tutor, she is always friendly and unfailingly patient and supportive. It has been a pleasure to have her as a tutor, and I look forward to continuing sessions with her.” ~ Yuri

Names and photos have been changed to protect the privacy of students.