Luis’s Student Success Story


Services used: Homework help

The results: Skipped one grade level in math

Luis*, a sixth-grade student, was achieving good marks in school, but his parents wanted him to have a competitive advantage. After seeing the student success his older brother had after preparing for the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests with WorldWise Tutoring, Luis’s parents decided to hire a tutor for their other three sons.

Here’s how we worked with Luis to overcome these obstacles:

As a self-professed math-lover, Luis wanted to try to challenge himself at the type of math his older brothers were learning during his homework help lessons. Using the school math textbooks, Luis’s tutor taught him the concepts one section at a time following the “I Do, We Do, You Do” method.

Once Luis showed mastery, they moved on. At the beginning of the following tutoring session, they would review past concepts with practice problems, then continue to build on comprehension by teaching the next sections. Once per week, an assessment was given for homework to determine Luis’s level of mastery before moving forward.

After just 2 months of tutoring, Luis had mastered sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade math. Working with his school, WorldWise Tutoring had Luis take a placement test in order to prove this proficiency. The resulting score was exceptional, and Luis has consequently been given permission to skip a grade in math. Luis paved his own student success story and is excited because he has been feeling bored with the pace of his current math course. He looks forward to pushing himself next year in higher-level algebra.

Here’s what Luis’s dad had to say about working with us:

“We have been fortunate to have Lindsey as a tutor for our four children, ranging in ages 9 through 17, for math enrichment, PSAT/SAT preparation, and Honors/AP course work and testing. We met our tutor when our older son, now a freshman studying engineering, required extra help preparing for the SATs and the Subject Tests.

Since then we knew we had someone special with us. She has an uncanny ability to diagnose through dialogue and observation where the student requires additional help—most often filling gaps in learning very quickly and effectively. She is a highly effective academic tutor that seeks to understand the child’s own learning style and studying habits to formulate the best teaching strategy.

In all cases the children have responded marvelously to her patient teaching, earning high results in their endeavors. As a parent it was important to find a tutor that could coach and listen to the child’s interest—we have found this to be the best way to reach higher results.

All our children enjoy and look forward to working with our tutor. This is quite a feat considering that their work with her now goes beyond what their school curriculum is demanding. Our kids love their tutor, and we don’t use the “L” word lightly here. She has become a valued member of our family as a friend, teacher, and counselor. We strongly recommend WorldWise Tutoring.” ~Fransisco

Names and photos have been changed to protect the privacy of students.