Advantages of Learning Pods

The Advantages of Learning Pods

What are Learning Pods?

There are many advantages of Learning Pods! “Learning Pods” are groups of 2-7 students who are assigned one instructor to assist with e-learning and enrichment. The students can all be from one family or they can come from various families who will form a “COVID Circle” with each other and the instructor. Everyone involved signs waivers and commits to various safety precautions both inside and outside the Learning Pods. For instance, they would minimize physical contact with those not in their COVID Circle, check their temperatures every morning, wear masks indoors, etc.

These sessions take place on consistent days and times agreed upon in advance and adjusted as needed, such as every Monday and Wednesday from 9am to 1pm. They can be held in one of the families’ homes, on-site at a business that has had to close its doors to the public, or even in a vacant vacation rental.

Short-Term Advantages of Learning Pods

Such arrangements would be a win-win-win-win:

  • The instructors are employed again
  • The students receive support from an education professional and opportunities for socialization
  • The parents acquire some personal time for work
  • The venue owners receive much-needed funds for their rent.

Learning Pods are also beneficial to schools and their teachers, as WorldWise Tutoring instructors would provide an extension of support for the systems they put in place. Teachers would see an increase in student engagement and assignment completion. Learning Pods assist in alleviating the major pain points for parents by giving them more time to themselves, motivating and teaching their children with engaging instruction, and providing much-need interactions with peers. 

Long-Term Advantages of Learning Pods

While these benefits are immense, the advantages of the Learning Pod system are even more far-reaching. Because of the requirements placed upon schools, many teachers are unable to teach beyond the academic standards. This void in the acquisition of vital learning and life skills became even more evident with the widespread failure of remote learning in the spring. This failure is detailed in various articles such as this one by The Wall Street Journal. Students lacked essential skills in time management, self-regulation, flexible thinking, and the like. As a result, “I’m bored” and “I don’t want to” became the cries heard across the nation. Frustrated parents who were already overwhelmed with working at home would have had their stress decreased immensely if their children could just be more motivated, engaged, and self-directed.

WorldWise Tutoring instructors deliberately interweave into their content instruction lessons in metacognition, executive functions, and interpersonal skills, so that students become confident and independent lifelong learners. Their goal is to help students access the knowledge, skills, and traits to grow into competent and conscious leaders. Thus families enrolled in WorldWise Tutoring’s Learning Pods will gain much more than a solution to the problems with remote/hybrid schooling – they will also open doors to new possibilities that would have otherwise not been visible. Learn more about how we teach the underlying learning and life skills, as well as executive functions.

Final Thoughts

The circumstances surrounding the pandemic have provided us with the invaluable opportunity to re-imagine our educational system in ways that better serve our students and improve our society. Learn more about WorldWise Tutoring’s Learning Pods here.