Best Virtual Learning Experience

Make the Best of Your Child’s Virtual Learning Experience

Schooling in the age of COVID-19 looks a bit different from past years, and some children are still struggling to adapt to the remote learning experience while others are thriving. However, there are some things parents can do to make the best of the virtual learning experience, like keeping their children on a routine and creating a quiet workspace for schooling and completing homework. Check out these tips from WorldWise Tutoring to learn more about the things parents can do to make distance learning as effective as possible.

Upgrade Your Tech

Whether you’re dealing with a slow internet connection, online security issues, or an old laptop that takes ages to boot, it’s important to upgrade any tech that could be making distance learning even more of a challenge than it needs to be. Joe McKinley of Reader’s Digest recommends equipping your little ones with the following if they’ll be participating in distance learning this school year:

  • Google Chromebook

  • Amazon Fire 7

  • Google Nest Wifi Mesh System Router

  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

To protect your new Chromebook and other tech devices as your kids learn online throughout the pandemic, you’ll also need effective antivirus software. With internet security software, you’ll protect your tech devices and home network from malware, viruses, cyber-attacks, and other online dangers.

Create a Quiet Workspace for Virtual Learning

If your child doesn’t already have a quiet workspace for learning, studying, and completing homework, creating one is imperative — even if you live in a small home or apartment. A designated workspace helps your kids focus on their schoolwork, minimize distractions, and stay as comfortable as possible while learning from home.

To create a learning space for your little ones, Carrie of Making Lemonade recommends selecting a room with a door (if possible) and furnishing the area with good lighting solutions, a comfortable chair, and a desk or table. Noise-canceling headphones, supply organizers, and a bulletin board or whiteboard can also help to enhance the virtual learning experience.

To boost focus and productivity while learning from home, you could also download a few mobile apps to your child’s smartphone. Several great options for kids include the Bear Focus Timer (BMF), Stop, Breathe & Think Kids: Focus, Calm & Sleep, Focus Keeper Pro, and iHomework 2.

Look for a Tutor to help with Virtual Learning

If your child’s grades are slipping or he’s struggling to manage his time or understand course material, it may be time to hire an online tutor. In addition to boosting your child’s learning and academic performance, a tutor can be especially helpful to you as a parent if you’re struggling to juggle work, parenting, and schooling amid COVID-19.

To find an in-person or online tutor for your child, fill out the WorldWise Tutoring Find a Tutor form. The owner, Lindsey Wander, will assess your child’s unique needs and then offer 2-3 tutors (who she thinks are the best fit) for you to choose from.

Stick to a Routine

In addition to upgrading your tech, creating a quiet workspace for learning, and hiring an online tutor for your child, it’s important to stick to a routine while schooling from home. Huffpost Canada offers some tips on creating an effective remote learning schedule for your kids, complete with time slots for lunch, breaks, and recess. Short but regular breaks are crucial while learning from home as they help to boost productivity and reduce stress, anxiety, and distractions.

Moreover, it’s important to note that some kids need active breaks while others prefer relaxing breaks. For kids requiring physical activity, you could schedule short dance sessions, jumping jacks, yoga, or push-ups. For those who’d prefer relaxing breaks, you could schedule time for reading, meditation, doodling, or stretching.

The Bottom Line for Making the Best of the Virtual Learning Experience

Whether your child is struggling with distance learning or you’re looking for some ways to make online education more enjoyable for your kids, these tips will help you to do it. Remote learning has been a challenge for kids and parents alike, but the important thing to remember is that it’s only temporary and your kids will one day return to the classroom for in-person instruction.

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– Jenna Sherman