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It Takes a Village: WorldWise Tutoring’s Alliance with YEP Nation and Concerned Christian Men

We all know the old adage “It takes a village to raise a child.” This African proverb means that the whole community ought to unite efforts for the proper raising of its children. Those who are dedicated to the success of our society know that it starts with our youth. We are excited to announce that WorldWise Tutoring is forming alliances with YEP Nation and Concerned Christian Men that will impact the lives and career pathways of countless students in our “village” of Chicago.

WorldWise Tutoring matches professional instructors with youth to assist with a variety of problems and challenges that may be hindering their progress in school. Interwoven with the academic, enrichment, and/or test prep content are lessons in soft skills such as time-management, creative problem-solving, and advocacy. Lindsey Wander, Founder and CEO of WorldWise Tutoring states: “Our mission of empowering our youth to succeed in life aligns with that of YEP Nation and CCM. All organizations seek to foster the development of a new generation of competent and conscious leaders.”

How we can help:

YEP Nation teaches young women how to develop Digital Media ranging from Video and Music to Online Learning a Mobile Apps. YEP Nation has already created a revolutionary mobile app called YCS which sends notifications as video, audio, image, or text to parents and students from the schools, replacing the outdated “robocalls.” Concerned Christian Men are devoted to building leaders responsible to their communities and families through Modeling, Mentoring, Mastering, Motivating, and creating Momentum for achievement throughout Chicago. CCM serves as “fathers to the fatherless,” reflecting the highest standards of moral and spiritual integrity. Edward Prentice III, CEO of YEP Nation and Chairman of Concerned Christian Men, states: “I am very excited to form this alliance with Ms. Wander. There are many synergies between our firms that will accelerate the achievement of our Missions.”

YEP Nation helps women ages 17-21 build professional skills and CCM works with males from 4th grade and beyond. Both organizations serve the at-risk communities in Chicago. Depending on each student’s needs and goals, WorldWise Tutoring will provide instruction in academic and enrichment content, underlying learning and life skills, and college and job applications.

This collaboration between WorldWise Tutoring, YEP Nation, and CCM will open up many opportunities for improvement of our local youth’s education and career prospects. WorldWise Tutoring, YEP Nation, and CCM look forward to working together to help our “village” evolve.

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