WorldWise Tutoring’s Founder, Lindsey Wander, has started a nonprofit tutoring company called Educate. Radiate. Elevate.

With nearly two decades of educational leadership experience, Lindsey Wander recently founded a nonprofit tutoring company with the goal of helping to bridge the achievement gap.

E.R.E.’s Purpose:

Educate. Radiate. Elevate.’s purpose is to strengthen the educational achievement of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students who are facing economic hardship by providing them with high-quality instruction from experienced tutors who will assist them with academics and test prep as well as essential learning and life skills.

E.R.E.’s Mission:

Educate. Radiate. Elevate.’s mission is to minimize the disproportionate learning losses for low-income students of color to provide economic, social, and emotional stability for the youth served, their families, and their community.

nonprofit tutoring company

What is E.R.E. aiming to accomplish?

The pandemic has highlighted the ongoing inequalities that have existed in America for decades. The Achievement Gap is being widened with school closures. Low-income students of color are among the hardest hit, resulting in long-term economic costs for local and national communities.

The families of disadvantaged students suffer higher rates of infection and they often have parents who are essential workers and thus unable to work from home. Furthermore, children in poverty and children of color often have less access to remote learning, lower quality remote instruction, less conducive learning environments, less home support, and lower engagement. Their families simply cannot afford to give constant parental academic supervision nor pay for outside academic assistance. These disproportionate learning losses for low-income students of color is compounding existing achievement gaps, leading many students to drop out. 

The achievement gaps certainly raise moral questions for a society committed to the ideal of equity. But they also impose concrete economic costs. Research has shown that a widened Achievement Gap will can result in:

  • More uneducated individuals who will be less likely to increase their own knowledge and to provide their future families with high-quality educational opportunities, continuing the cycle
  • More citizens earning less income, leading to poverty with poorer health
  • More crime and higher rates of incarceration
  • Less skilled and less productive future workforce
  • Less money spent by these individuals on taxes, products, and services

What are E.R.E.’s key strategies for making this happen?

Strengthening the educational achievement of our youth will provide economic, social, and emotional stability for the youth served, their families, and their community. Race and income are not destiny; large steps forward are possible. Quality education for all results in a more equitable society where individuals can improve their socio-economic situation on a basis of merit. 

It is urgent that we intervene immediately to support the most vulnerable students. As state and local government budgets are being cut, school systems are struggling to do this alone.

This nonprofit allows individuals and organizations to donate tax-deductible funds to sponsor students who have been nominated because of their dedication, achievement, and desire to learn. Their donations will provide the selected students with a semester of instruction from our high-quality tutors who will focus on assisting the students with academics and test prep, while also teaching them the underlying learning and life skills so that the students can excel in all classes, in college, in their careers, and beyond. These include essential “soft skills” such as planning and prioritizing, time management, focus, creative problem solving, curiosity, innovation, advocacy, collaboration, and emotional intelligence.

By providing our youth with the tools to grow into successful contributing members of society, we are making the monumental changes our world so desperately needs.

Learn more about WorldWise Tutoring’s sister nonprofit tutoring company and how YOU can make a difference here.

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