Lindsey Wander has founded two impactful organizations in the field of education: WorldWise Tutoring and Educate. Radiate. Elevate. Both entities share a common goal of addressing educational disparities and uplifting students from diverse backgrounds. WorldWise Tutoring focuses on effective learning solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of individual students. Educate. Radiate. Elevate. complements this by engaging in initiatives to address learning inequities and systemic change in education. By providing high-quality learning support from expert educators who focus on academics, test prep, and soft skills – the students of WorldWise Tutoring and Educate. Radiate. Elevate. are succeeding in the classroom and beyond.

Together, these organizations form a synergistic approach, with WorldWise Tutoring providing personalized targeted support at the individual level for a competitive fee, and Educate. Radiate. Elevate. working towards a more inclusive and supportive educational environment by providing high-quality tutoring at no cost to the families. The partnership between WorldWise Tutoring and Educate. Radiate. Elevate. includes a meaningful philanthropic effort. For every $50 spent at WorldWise Tutoring, $1 goes to support programs of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Educate. Radiate. Elevate. Through this collaboration, Lindsey Wander aims to make a lasting impact on the educational landscape, ensuring that all students have the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

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Lindsey Wander: A Visionary in Education

Lindsey Wander, the visionary founder behind WorldWise Tutoring and Educate. Radiate. Elevate., embodies a passion for transforming education. With a rich background in educational leadership, Lindsey’s commitment to addressing educational disparities is evident in the impactful initiatives she spearheads. 

Her leadership ensures that WorldWise Tutoring delivers personalized learning solutions for students of all ages and all abilities, while Educate. Radiate. Elevate. takes action for long-lasting societal change through educational empowerment in under-resourced communities. Lindsey’s dedication to creating a brighter future for all students, regardless of their background, is reflected not only in her organization’s services but also in her philanthropic commitment to underserved communities.

By seamlessly integrating targeted support and broad advocacy, Lindsey Wander stands as a beacon for educational empowerment, driving positive change on both an individual and systemic level.

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WorldWise Tutoring’s Unique Approach

Full-Service Offerings

WorldWise Tutoring provides in-person lessons in the major cities and surrounding suburbs of Illinois and Texas, including Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. WorldWise Tutoring has also been successfully tutoring students all over the world online since long before the pandemic. The 100+ tutors are educated, experienced, background-checked and trained so that they can assist students of all abilities with any of their learning needs. Beyond filling knowledge gaps, these services create a holistic academic environment that is beneficial for all types of learners. 

Whether students need support in core subjects, guidance in test preparation, assistance with college applications, or the like – WorldWise Tutoring tailors its offerings to individual needs and goals. This commitment to inclusivity breaks down geographical and learning barriers, ensuring that quality education support is accessible to all. The options of traditional face-to-face interaction and engaging online instruction make academic excellence a reality, irrespective of a student’s location or other limitations.

Learning Coaches

WorldWise Tutoring’s learning coaches are more than just educators; they’re mentors who tailor educational journeys to individual needs. Carefully selected for their qualifications, they go beyond regular tutoring by incorporating real-world relevance into lessons and nurturing a genuine love for learning. 

These coaches prioritize understanding each student’s unique learning style, strengths, and challenges – promoting not only academic excellence but also essential life skills. Committed to long-term development, they help build confidence, resilience, and critical thinking. The goal is to equip students with a personalized toolbox of knowledge and skills so they can succeed in any environment, long after tutoring concludes. With a focus on personalized growth, WorldWise Tutoring’s learning coaches redefine the educational experience, turning it into a dynamic partnership that propels students toward success and a lifelong passion for learning.

Tailored Strategies

WorldWise Tutoring understands that every student is unique, and they embrace this diversity in their educational approach. Their method is centered around personalized strategies, creating a customized path for each student’s success. When students encounter learning challenges, WorldWise Tutoring employs a thoughtful approach that builds on their individual strengths, fostering not only academic progress but also confidence and enjoyment in learning. 

The process starts by identifying each student’s learning styles and strengths (“glows”). Targeted efforts are then applied to address weaknesses (“grows”) and spark intrinsic motivation. This personalized approach goes beyond academic content to include essential learning and life skills. By tailoring strategies to each individual, WorldWise Tutoring cultivates an environment where every student can thrive, becoming well-rounded individuals prepared for future challenges. It’s not just about sharing knowledge; it’s about guiding students through a transformative journey to success

Beyond Academics

WorldWise Tutoring goes beyond traditional tutoring by providing test preparation assistance, guidance on college applications, and support for students with learning difficulties. Whatever a student needs help with, the educators at WorldWise Tutoring are equipped to assist. The goal is not just academic success but the development of well-rounded individuals ready to face challenges in the real world.

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Educate. Radiate. Elevate.’s Commitment to Change

The Need for Change

Over the past 50 years, research has consistently shown that educational attainment is one of the best long-term predictors of a person’s economic status and overall quality of life. Lack of quality education is linked to numerous personal and social outcomes including poverty, rates of domestic violence and other violent crimes, issues with health, substance abuse, and more. Unfortunately, school districts that serve low-income communities simply do not have the resources they need to provide students with individualized one-on-one learning support, which many students desperately need to excel academically. 

Furthermore, because the average hourly cost of tutoring is $95 in the United States (which is equivalent to many families’ monthly grocery bill), low-income families are forced to prioritize short-term basic needs over educational support that can lead to positive long-term outcomes for their children. The result of this is that, year after year, disadvantaged youth have been more likely to underperform in school and on standardized tests and less likely to graduate. Not only does this further propagate the cycle of poverty, but it also raises moral questions about equity and imposes concrete economic costs on our society.

Holistic Educational Support

Since 2020, Educate. Radiate. Elevate. has been serving the Chicago, Dallas, and Houston communities through their mission of minimizing disproportionate learning outcomes experienced by socio-economically disadvantaged students.  They know firsthand how educational achievement creates economic, social, and emotional stability for the youth we serve, their families, and their communities. They fulfill their mission by providing high-quality services that include academic tutoring, enrichment, and test prep, as well as essential life skills development. By providing the tools needed to grow academically and emotionally, they are positioning the youth they serve to be successful in life and to become contributing members of society.

In an effort to increase access to high-quality tutoring support for low-income students, during the pandemic school closures Educate. Radiate. Elevate. developed and piloted a tutoring program that compliments the work of existing community-based organizations and focuses on achieving gains in three domains that impact a student’s likelihood of academic and life success:

  • Academic Gains
    • Increased grades and/or scores
    • Engagement and motivation in school and schoolwork
    • Homework completion and understanding
  • Social-Emotional Gains
    • Confidence and pride
    • Self-efficacy and independence
    • Advocacy and leadership
  • Soft Skills Gains
    • Metacognition (i.e. identifying and applying strategies for one’s learning style)
    • Executive functions (i.e. skills to manage daily life)
    • Interpersonal skills (i.e. personal attributes for success in school)

Expert Educators

Educate. Radiate. Elevate. prioritizes Culturally Responsive and Trauma-Informed Teaching, understanding the significance of meeting the specific needs of students in underserved communities. Their tutors are also trained in teaching metacognition, executive functions, and interpersonal skills. Their approach centers around Social Emotional Learning and emphasizes teaching essential soft skills crucial for success.

The tutors at Educate. Radiate. Elevate. come from diverse backgrounds, reside in the communities being served, are college-educated, and have years of teaching experience. They utilize the detailed reports of computer-adapted pre and post-assessments that evaluate each student’s present levels in math, language arts, reading, and social-emotional skills. Assessment results allow them to provide personalized and engaging lessons tailored to the student’s greatest needs while also helping them develop critical learning and life skills. 

Armed with the understanding that their students’ basic needs must be met to prime them for optimal learning, Educate. Radiate. Elevate. also provide them with access to additional resources through their partnerships with other nonprofits and service providers. These include resources to address needs related to food, shelter, and mental and physical health. Educate. Radiate. Elevate. knows firsthand that those who grow into lifelong learners will have the confidence and independence to continue to seek out opportunities for growth and pursue their goals. 

They help their students become active agents of change in their lives and the lives of others. In doing so, they empower young people with the tools to become successful contributors to society, aiming to bring about the significant changes our world urgently requires. 

Tangible Outcomes

After completing 18 hours of 1:1 tutoring over 4 months in Educate. Radiate. Elevate.’s program, students have shown improvements up to the equivalent of 2+ years. They have also indicated dramatic decreases in anxiety and depression, as well as increases in self-esteem and adaptability. With a newfound love of learning and a clear path to their goals, our students will be less likely to experience poverty, thereby radiating success and elevating themselves, their families, and their communities

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A Unified Front for Student’s Education

WorldWise Tutoring and Educate. Radiate. Elevate. work together seamlessly to create a united front for educational empowerment. This collaboration ensures not only the tackling of academic challenges but also the establishment of a foundation for lifelong learning, confidence, and leadership. Together, they contribute to a vision of a brighter future for all students, no matter their background.

WorldWise Tutoring and Educate. Radiate. Elevate. work together to not only address academic challenges but also establish a foundation for lifelong learning, confidence, and leadership. When you hire a WorldWise tutor, you become part of a transformative vision striving to make the significant changes our world needs.

Join us in creating a brighter tomorrow for American students. Your support ensures that every child has the opportunity to thrive academically and personally.

Written by Steven Preval