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WorldWise Tutoring offers 23 ONLINE COURSES this summer for enrichment in the genres of Creativity, STEM, Real-Life Math, Foreign Language, Sociology, Writing, Test Prep, & College Prep.

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Summer Enrichment Program Details

  • When is it? Mid-June through Mid-August.
  • Where is it? Join in from any device.
  • Who is teaching? Lindsey Wander, Founder and CEO of WorldWise Tutoring, and 11 of her college-educated and background-checked tutors.
  • What are the course details? To learn more about the topics covered, duration, and cost for each of the 23 summer enrichment courses, read our detailed online summer enrichment guide!
  • Why should I sign up? These courses allow for the exploration of personal topics of interest in a structured way and offer the opportunity to get ahead by building academic and real-life skills. Students will finish each course with a project they can include in their portfolio and a certificate they can add to their resume and applications.
  • Sounds great! Any other perks? For each child that you refer, and who purchases a course of equal or greater value, you will receive 20% off the cost of your child’s enrollment. For each child that you refer who purchases a course of lesser value, you will receive 15% off the cost of your child’s enrollment. *Purchases must be made by 6/26/2020.


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Benefits of Enrolling:

  • Deep Dive Into New Skills. Allows the student to step outside of his/her comfort zone without the looming fear of failure.

  • Engages and Motivates. The student will enjoy learning again, facilitating his/her personal growth and self-confidence


  • Helps Prevent “Summer Learning Loss.” Keeps the student’s mind active without feeling drained by intense content.

  • Opportunity to Network. The student will network with others who have similar interests, perhaps forming new long-term friendships.

  • Improves Communication. The student will improve his or her communication techniques in peer, parent, and teacher relationships.

  • Reinforces Independence and Empowerment. Meaningful homework and projects will be assigned to the student, giving him or her something to be proud of.

  • Improves Applications. Students will have the ability to add the completed project and certificate to the student’s portfolio and resume and college, internship, and job applications.

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