Save on Your Next Family Vacay

Three Tips to Help You Save on Your Next Family Vacay

Looking to save on your next family vacay and cut costs? Vacationing with the family is one of the best ways to spend time together. Unfortunately, it’s more expensive than those carefree days when it was just you going it alone. But do not let cost stop you from enjoying this important bonding activity. Here, WorldWise Tutoring shares a few tips to help you make the most out of your money so that you don’t have to spend your vacation worrying about debt.

Stay Close to Home

Airlines are known to nickel and dime you half to death. Not only do you have to pay for your seat, but you also almost always have to foot the bill for any children over the age of 2. It makes sense then to stay close to home when money is scarce. That’s okay because you can still break away from your daily grind. Think about things that you like to do but don’t do often enough or places you’ve wanted to visit but never have. This is a great idea for weekend getaways as well as hitting “combo” destinations and events over the course of a few days; all it takes is a little forward-thinking.

Make a point to check your area’s local events calendar, which can help you decide on when you want to book your staycation. Keep in mind that staying in a vacation rental means you can cook your own meals, and you can find a place close to the museums, activities, and sights you plan to enjoy. The Food Network offers tons of great advice on how to stock your vacation rental pantry, including sticking with simple ingredients and making use of the grill.

Head to the Cruise Terminal

If you have never taken a cruise before, you should know that there are many affordable cruise lines that cater to families with children of all ages. While Carnival gets the most attention from budget travelers, MSC Cruises, Holland America, and Princess cruises are also options. Cruising has many benefits, including childcare if it’s part of the package. This means that you and your spouse or partner can enjoy a much-needed evening at the bar, casino, or on-ship nightclub without the added expense of a babysitter.

Plan Ahead

The cardinal rule of travel is this: Plan ahead for the best deals. There are many reasons for this, from hotels wanting to ensure they have no vacancies to having an opportunity to look for the best perks. Plus, unless you have booked a prepaid rate, you can usually call your hotel, airline, or cruise provider if prices change before your departure date. Many popular hotel chains allow you to book a year or more ahead of time, according to, so you have plenty of opportunities to change your rate without the risk of losing a room.

If you are struggling to justify spending the money on a vacation, keep in mind that, in addition to bonding time, vacationing has many benefits for your children. One of these is that it opens up their minds and can make them better students, notes Travel + Leisure. Knowing this, look at vacations as an investment in your relationship today and in your children’s futures.