Entertain Kids at Home

How to Entertain and Enrich Kids at Home During COVID-19

As they continue to spend more time at home, most kids tend to feel frustrated during the pandemic. However, with the help of a few creative ideas, parents can both entertain and enrich their kids’ experiences while staying at home.

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Enjoy Activities That Let You Savor Time Together

Kids love spending time with their parents. To take full advantage of this together time, try active and sit-down activities that are easy and fun for all involved.

  • Queue up a kid-friendly playlist for an all-ages dance party.
  • Choose board games for some excitement that anyone can enjoy.
  • Challenge your child to creative, whole-body games.
  • It’s never too early to start teaching math concepts to infants. 

Get Crafty with Little Hands (and Minds)

Keeping little hands busy can prevent them from getting into trouble. 

  • Bring out crafting supplies and create something new.
  • Introduce kids to a new hobby, whether independent or group-oriented.
  • Start teaching kids cooking skills and get in the kitchen together.
  • Make fun non-edible recipes, like play dough, for family time outside the kitchen.

Keep Kids Active and Healthy

Healthy eating and exercising can make a huge difference.

  • Learn about meal planning during the pandemic.
  • Find some kid-friendly workout routines on YouTube.
  • Learn about the many benefits that yoga has for children.

Make Screen Time a Special Treat

These days, many kids spend too much time on screens. However, experts agree that well-placed screen time can promote learning and engagement.

  • Watch movies together and host a critique afterward.
  • Allow your children to play educational video games, and avoid arguments, especially if you’re working, by making sure you’ve got zippy internet speed.
  • Choose special headphones designed for children to use during solo screen time.
  • Select interactive games with educational value.
  • Queue up programming that offers mental stimulation.

Staying close to home isn’t always easy. However, with these thoughtful ideas for how to entertain your kids at home, your family can come together for a good time. In fact, you might enjoy the time together so much that these activities become part of your everyday routine — even after the pandemic.

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