Executive Functioning Strategies

Executive Functioning Strategies

Frustrated because you constantly forget to do assignments, you get distracted from doing your homework, or you are unable to prioritize tasks? Many students need help developing their Executive Functioning skills. Executive Functions are like the CEO of the brain; they helps us pay attention, set goals, organize, plan, prioritize, start tasks, follow steps, and stay focused until completion. Rather than constant frustrations and suffering, try these Executive Functioning strategies

Use this Daily Routine checklist to help keep your binders, backpack, and agenda organized, and to help you prioritize and plan for assignments and assessments in advance. Simply check off each task as you complete it. Each sheet contains 2 weeks of checklists.

Use this 15 Minute Daily Planner to break down the after-school hours into 15-minute increments. Write your tasks for that day at the top, then estimate the time it will take to complete each one. Next, based on your own criteria, put the tasks in order of how you will complete them. Using this information, fill in the table with descriptions such as “math homework,” “study history notes,” “eat dinner,” “Watch The Walking Dead,” etc. If one task takes you longer than you planned, it’s ok! If a task takes you less time, that’s ok too! Just use this as a plan to help you stay focused. Each sheet contains 1 day’s planner.

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Check out our YouTube tutorial for how to use these Executive Functioning tools.