Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community, meet new people, gain experience, learn new skills, and build your resume. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to help a cause you care about or want to gain valuable experience in a volunteer setting, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities available. With some effort, you can find the perfect fit and ensure the positive effects of your work. This article will help you get started. 

Why volunteering is important 

Positive impact on your community

Volunteering is a powerful way to have a positive impact on the community. By volunteering your time and effort, you can make a real difference in the lives of those around you. From helping out in a local food drive to participating in a neighborhood clean-up group, there are dozens of ways that volunteers can help their communities. 

Additionally, helping to provide basic services for the underprivileged can be a great way to contribute to your community. For example, volunteering at a local soup kitchen allows you to provide meals for those who may not be able to afford them. When volunteering, you are actively investing your time and energy into your community and the people who live in it. Volunteering can have positive long-term effects that benefit your community.

Personal benefits to your mental health

Volunteering can improve your mental health, helping you to feel more fulfilled.  A research study showed that, compared to people who do not volunteer, those who volunteer on a weekly basis were “16% more likely” to describe their life as “content” and “happy.” Being helpful to others delivers an immense sense of accomplishment which makes you feel good about yourself and contributes to a positive outlook on life. You can also meet new like-minded people through volunteer work. Building connections with people who are also heart-centered and giving like you can bring you more happiness. With this in mind, no matter what type of volunteer work you decide to do, make sure it aligns with your goals, interests, and values.

Volunteer Experience

Making the most of your volunteer experience

Improve your soft skills

Volunteering allows you to give back to your community in a way that cultivates a sense of fulfillment and builds tangible skills. Being actively engaged in volunteering can help you develop leadership and organizational abilities. For example, after working with an organization for a while, you may be asked to train or manage new volunteers in a leadership capacity. 

Other skills gained from volunteer experience include collaboration and communication, which can have a significant impact on preparing you for a future job. Volunteer work often requires a group of people or some level of teamwork to complete a project. Working with other volunteer members to complete a park clean-up or facilitate a food drive can be an effective way to practice and improve your communication and collaboration skills. 

Strengthen your resume

Volunteering is a great way to not only lend a helping hand but can also be an effective way to obtain a letter of reference, strengthen your resume, and build your professional network.. Many of the people you meet through your volunteer experiences, such as fellow volunteers or nonprofit supervisors, can become valuable assets on your career path. There is always the possibility that a connection can be helpful later. 

Really think about the type of volunteer work that would best contribute to your resume. If you are a student, you may choose to seek out volunteer opportunities that pertain to your specific academic interests or career goals. For instance, students who want to pursue a career as a teacher might look for opportunities in ESL or literacy outreach programs. When applying for a job, volunteering in a field you are interested in shows employers you have experience and can set you apart from other applicants who do not. 

Volunteer Experience

Finding volunteer opportunities

The search for volunteer opportunities can sometimes be overwhelming. It’s important to research options that are most meaningful for you and make the best use of your strengths. You can start by seeking out local organizations that need volunteers and reach out via email or phone to ask questions about the volunteer roles. For instance, WorldWise Tutoring’s partner organization, a nonprofit called Educate. Radiate. Elevate. is always looking for volunteers to help with their mission of supporting underprivileged students. Ask about the work you’ll be doing, time commitment, and needed experience to help you determine if the position is a good fit for you. 

To start your search, check out civic clubs like Kiwanis, Rotary, and Lions Club. These are great organizations with volunteer opportunities in your community. Similarly, service organizations such as senior centers, animal shelters, and even your local library are often looking for volunteers. You can also consult with friends and family about organizations seeking volunteers. Perhaps they can even introduce you to the Volunteer Manager at an organization, which will also help you build your networking skills. Finally, there are many websites that post volunteer positions, such as VolunteerMatch, AmeriCorps, and Volunteer. Using these resources, you can search by location and activity to help you find the right experience and start your volunteering journey.


Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding experience that can help you build strong hard and soft skills and create valuable connections for future career paths. It’s important to find an opportunity that fits your goals. Making the most of all the opportunities volunteering provides is a great way to give back to your community and find fulfillment both personally and professionally.

At WorldWise Tutoring, we understand the importance of giving back to your community. In fact, the CEO also founded a nonprofit tutoring organization, Educate. Radiate. Elevate. to help uplift underserved communities through quality educational support. This not-for-profit also has a variety of volunteer opportunities available. 

Additionally, Worldwise Tutoring strives to help students all over the world achieve their goals. If you or someone you know would like the assistance of a professional educator, we can help! Hire a tutor today!

Written by Miguel Correa-West