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COVID Crisis Schooling at Home – Resources for TODDLERS and PRE-K

The COVID pandemic has forced us into – not “Homeschooling,” but – Crisis Teaching at Home, which can be especially challenging for toddlers and PreK students.  Before you explore these resources for teaching toddlers and PreK children, check out my overall thoughts and suggestions for “Homeschooling” during COVID school closures by visiting this page.

Some notes about the info below for TODDLERS and PRE-K STUDENTS:

  • For thematic learning, you can use several of the resources listed below to help you easily develop entire lesson plans around the topic. I indicated resources that are especially useful for thematic learning with [TL].
  • Unless otherwise stated, assume these resources are free (some are always free; some are just free during school closures). Please keep in mind that many businesses are struggling to stay open and pay their workers. So, if you enjoy the resources and are able to donate to the organization, please do – especially at a time like this.
  • For those sites that have a related app for your phone or tablet, I have added [App] so that you can search for it by name in your device store. Please note that the apps, while often more convenient, usually have more limitations of free access.
  • Some activities are live streamed at certain times on certain days. I have indicated those in italics. For most of these, the videos are available at least 24 hours afterwards also.
  • Hands-on learning creates stronger memories and understanding. So have your children try the activities that can be done “In Real Life” [IRL]. Keep in mind that this may mean going to a website to read about a hands-on lesson, order materials, or print a worksheet.
  • Pro Tip: Put printouts in plastic sheet protectors and have your children use dry erase markers so that you can do the sheets over and over.

Note: I usually create my own content in pdf form because linking to other websites often results in unforeseeable changes like altered content, modified pricing, broken links, etc. If something I posted below has changed or is not correct, please email me so I can correct it.

Visit the following links for resources for:

ALL students (Reading, Art/Creativity, Virtual Field Trips, Animals, Physical Activity, STEM, Cooking, Typing, Foreign Language)

Students with Learning Difficulties

Elementary students

Middle School students

High School students

Teaching Resources for TODDLERS and PRE-K children:


Brain Bites videos are between 30-90 seconds each and teach about nature, animals, space, people, and places. [TL]

Encantos is an online curriculum for geography, language, culture, and nutrition with bilingual options that is great for PreK-2.


Bedtime Math has on- and off-screen activities for kids to learn math. [App] [IRL]

Dragon Box has engaging and colorful math games. Prices start at $7.99. [App]


Sight Words is an app for kids ages 0-6 “that helps your child rapidly learn to recognize and read words by sight, sound, and touch.” [App]

K5Learning has printable pdf worksheets for PreK and K students to learn letters, sounds, words, reading, writing, numbers, colors, shapes. 14 day free trial. [IRL]

Phonics Hero is suitable for children between ages 3-7 to learn sounds then single words and then sentences. First 7 days are free. [App]

Teach Your Monster to Read is an adventure-based online game that teaches phonics and reading. [App]

Homer has 1000+ lessons, activities, songs, and stories to help children ages 2-8 to read. The first 30 days are free, then it costs $7.95/month. [App]

Suessville: “Activities, crafts, and printables provide hours of Seussian ideas to engage your child in playful learning.” [IRL]

Interactive stories and videos from PBS Kids. [App]


The Laurie Berkner Band has “music, videos, and books for kids”

Tot Rock & Kid Rock posts mini YouTube videos including a DIY musical instrument and several songs to participate in.

Rock ‘n’ Kids has YouTube videos that are “interactive and fun classes that lead the students to explore a variety of themes through fun activities like singing, movements, games, and story time in the target language!”

Stomp and Shout Kids is streaming classes on Instagram on Sat at 9:30am and Tu & W at 10am CST.

Bubbles Academy is offering virtual classes several times each day M-Sat.

Impact Dance Studio is offering virtual dance classes on Facebook Live MWTh at 10:30am CST.

Mr. Dave Music is offering virtual classes to get get the littlest kids singing, clapping, jumping and dancing for children ages 0-6 every W-Sat at 10:15am and 4pm CST for $10/class.

Merit School of Music is offering several virtual classes each day for children ages 0-8 in 2.5 month programs ranging in cost from $150-600.


Hello Kids has coloring pages, drawings, crafts & activities that children can do online or print. [TL] [IRL]

Planes and Balloons has educational printables and activities for young children. [TL] [IRL]

Tot Schooling has printables for children ages 2-6 organized by age and theme. [TL] [IRL]

All Subjects:

Esme the Curious Cat books are great alone, but they also align with free coloring sheets and other free learning printables to teach ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Mind Puzzles. [IRL]

PBS builds PreK foundational skills in physical and cognitive development, social and emotional development, and art with videos, lesson plans, and games.

ABC Mouse has lessons designed for children ages 2-8 to cover reading, math, science, and art topics. It is free for 30 days and then is currently at 49% off an annual subscription. [App]

Starfall offers animated PreK & K lessons on math, language arts, and music. [App]

Funbrain has online games, books, and videos for PreK & K. [App]

Lakeshore has printables, worksheets, lesson plans, writing prompts, crafts and more! [TL] [IRL]

Oxford Owl: Reading, English, and Math videos, worksheets, and activities organized by subject, age, and grade. [App] [IRL]

Playdough to Plato has PreK-1 lessons to teach literacy, math, science, fine motor skills, and life skills. [IRL]

How Wee Learn has printable packs and videos for young children. [IRL]

Learning Without Tears is a Pre-K program that “helps children meet important early learning standards through purposeful play, multisensory activities, and effective digital apps.” [App]

Khan Academy has provided schedules of self-paced, interactive content–exercises, videos and articles and in most major subject areas PreK & K.


Primary Playground has printable indoor/outdoor scavenger hunts. [IRL]

Breathe, Think, Do is a Sesame Street app to teach toddlers emotional skills. [App]

And remember… if you’d like one of WorldWise Tutoring’s expert tutors to help devise, teach, monitor, and assess lessons for your toddler or Pre-K child, we are here to help! CONTACT US.