Online Summer Enrichment Courses

Now offering 23 courses in our summer enrichment online program.

A recent report in EdDive states “High expectations for summer programs as learning gaps predicted to grow.” Remediation and enrichment are seen as the means to mitigate learning loss as “three months away from school has stretched to six.” 

Read the article by Linda Jacobson here:

So how do we make sure kids don’t fall behind?

WorldWise Tutoring has created a robust Summer Enrichment Online Program. These opportunities for small group learning in a wide variety of topics create a fun and productive learning period for students ages 4 and up.

WorldWise Tutoring is offering 23 live online courses this summer for enrichment (mid-June through mid-August). These courses cover the genres of Creativity, Personal Development, STEM, Real-Life Math, Foreign Language, Sociology, Writing, Test Prep, & College Prep.  Click here for our Summer Online Enrichment course details.


WorldWise Tutoring’s Summer Enrichment Program will not only help close the learning gaps, but will also allow students to:

  • Develop vital soft skills in time-management & self-monitoring that will help with the anticipated blending learning in the fall
  • Interact with like-minded new friends across the continent
  • Explore personal interests to make an informed decision on what to study in college
  • Build something incredible by the end of summer that can be added to their resume


We are flexible:

  • While each summer enrichment course is being offered as small-group instruction, they can all also be taught 1-on-1 (for an hourly rate based on your child’s age). Email us for details.
  • Furthermore, with over 40 active tutors, WorldWise Tutoring has a wide breadth of knowledge. So, you are also welcome to design your own summer enrichment course for your child and his/her friends. Email us to set up a time to discuss further.


Email us: [email protected]