remote tutoring online

Remote Tutoring Online

WorldWise Tutoring currently has in-person tutors in Illinois and Texas. However, students in other states and countries are still benefiting from our fantastic services through online tutoring sessions. Technology has improved drastically in the last several years, making remote tutoring just as efficient as in-person tutoring. Students today are quite tech savvy, and many prefer the simplicity of this virtual format.

Just like in-person sessions, the student works with the same tutor each session and the sessions consist of a live tutor helping the student with whatever concepts he/she needs assistance with.

WorldWise Tutoring’s Services:

1. Test Prep (High School, College, and Graduate/Medical School)

Lessons are developed around concepts the student missed in Diagnostic and Practice Tests. The tutor re-teaches unmastered content, essentially filling in holes in the student’s learning. This is coupled with lessons on strategies for the particular test. These personalized lessons not only better prepare the student for the placement test, but also set them up for success in their next academic venture.

2. Academic Subject Tutoring and Homework Help

Because our tutors have broad backgrounds of knowledge and experience, they are able to assist students with multiple subjects in each session. For instance, a single lesson can review concepts in Chemistry for an upcoming assessment, assist with problems on a Calculus homework assignment, and outline an essay for AP US History. Beyond the immediate academic task, our tutors also teach students cross-curricular learning strategies that they can utilize in the future.

3. ESL Assistance

Our tutors can help students learning English. Whether the student is just beginning to learn English, knows English well but wants to improve fluency, or is preparing for an English standardized assessment, our tutors can help!

4. College and Scholarship Applications

All of our tutors have successfully undergone the college application process personally. They are also experienced in helping students with the entire college application process, including: researching, planning, completing forms, submitting documentation, outlining and revising essays, and preparing for interviews. We help our students to be accepted to the colleges that are the right fit for them.

5. Learning Difficulties

Our tutors help students manage their Learning Difficulty by teaching them personalized strategies that they can use across multiple subjects. We understand that all students learn differently, but also that all students are capable of success.