English Grammar and Usage

By | August 25th, 2018|College Test Prep, English, ESL, Test Prep|

Whether you are preparing for the ACT or SAT, writing a research paper, or just being a human in the real world, you need to [...]

GMAT AWA Argument Essay Template

By | December 13th, 2016|College Applications, English, ESL, Test Prep|

AWA Argument Essay WorldWise Tutoring LLC has qualified and experienced tutors to help you prepare for all sections of the GMAT. Hire a tutor today [...]

Proper Uses of “Being”

By | November 5th, 2016|College Applications, English, ESL, Test Prep|

The ACT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, and other standardized tests often include questions assessing the students' knowledge of the correct usage of the word "being." Most [...]

TOEFL and IELTS: Overview & Free Downloadable Printable PDF Practice Tests

By | July 20th, 2015|English, ESL, Test Prep|

The TOEFL iBT Test and the IELTS measure students' abilities to use and understand English. Each exam evaluates listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills so [...]

The Apostrophe… How And When To Use It

By | April 18th, 2015|English, ESL, Student Guide|

Social media often jokes about people who use words like "there," "their," and "they’re" incorrectly. In order to avoid being the butt of their jokes [...]

The Definitive Guide to Comma Usage

By | April 18th, 2015|English, ESL, Student Guide|

There are many rules about correct comma usage. A misplaced or missing comma can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Many of us know [...]

Recommended Reading for Students

By | July 31st, 2012|English, ESL, For Parents, Student Guide|

Parents often ask me what their kids can be working on to prepare for standardized tests, to become better writers, to improve their vocabulary and [...]

Writing Strategies (outlining, structure, word choice, etc.)

By | July 31st, 2012|English, ESL, Student Guide|

Writing is an inevitable part of life. We write essays and research papers in school. We write emails and reports for work. There are written portions [...]